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Epson PLQ-20 (240v)

Epson Epson PLQ-20 (240v), A4 (210 x 297 mm), 384 x 280 x 203 mm, AC 220 - 240 V
Manufacturers Part No. C11C560021DA
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The faster, more reliable passbook printer

The Epson PLQ-20 adds speed and versatility to printing in the banking and public administration sectors. Built to last, it handles high volumes of passbooks, visas, tickets and other documents with ease. It's also compact and connectable, with the flexibility to match your unique IT and space requirements.

Whether printing passbooks, passports, tickets or visas, you need a printer that is fast and reliable. The Epson PLQ-20 has what it takes to handle all your business requirements. It has a host of standard and optional features, and it is even available with a magnetic stripe reader/writer (Epson PLQ-20M).

Faster printing
The Epson PLQ-20 is fast and effective, with print speeds up to 480cps (10cpi), high paper throughput and the ability to handle passbooks up to 2.6mm thick. What's more, convenient automatic sheet alignment and automatic print head adjustment features enable passbooks to be printed quickly and easily.

Performance and reliability
This impact printer is built to last, with a mean volume between failure (MVBF) of 7 million lines, a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 10,000 power on hours and a print head life of 400 million strokes/wire. And the ribbon will not need to be changed for a long time, thanks to a ribbon life of 5 million characters per ribbon.

Easy integration
The Epson PLQ-20 will fit seamlessly into your existing IT environment with its ESCP/P 2, IBM emulation and Olivetti PR2E default setting. It has standard Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces, and as an option you can also connect via USB to wired and wireless networks. Whatever your IT environment, Epson will endeavour to customise the Epson PLQ-20 to your specific requirements.

Space saving
The Epson PLQ-20 has a small footprint. It easily fits into offices with limited space. And with the optional space saving kit you can fit it in an even smaller area. It includes a top paper tray for storing forms and books neatly. Additionally a rear paper guide bends the paper safely after printing which saves space at the rear of the printer.

Easy to use
This impact printer makes fast, high quality printing simple. Users can change the ribbon easily, without requiring any IT support.

Key Features
Long ribbon life of 5 million characters
Optional space saving kit including top paper tray and rear paper guide
Flexible connectivity with Parallel, Serial and USB interfaces
Optional wireless and wired network interfaces
∑Epson PLQ-20M includes a magnetic strip reader/writer (MSRW)
  • Maximum Print Speed: 480cps
Print Quality
  • Colour: No
  • Maximum Print Size: A4 (210 x 297 mm)
Sound Emission
  • Noise Level: 53dB
Other Features
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 384 x 280 x 203mm
  • Power Requirements: AC 220 - 240 V
Epson SIDM Black Ribbon Cartridge for PLQ-20/22, 3-Pack (C13S015339)

Epson SIDM Black Ribbon Cartridge for PLQ-20/22, 3-Pack (C13S015339)

Epson Epson SIDM Black Ribbon Cartridge for PLQ-20/22, 3-Pack (C13S015339), Black, Dot Matrix, 385x113x100, PLQ-20/20M
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