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    Must have: Top ten gadgets of 2013

    November 21, 2013 4:13 pm Published by Comments Off on Must have: Top ten gadgets of 2013

    Not quite sure what to get that person who just seems to have everything? Well the world of gadgets just keeps speeding up and getting more and more interesting, so GAbusiness has put together a list of the top ten gadgets from 2013 that might just end making onto your wish too.

    1) Apple iPhone 5c

     Apple’s iPhone just keeps getting better and better. The revolution may have come and gone but with each new model, the iPhone’s evolution continues. Others may compete on cost or features but never on cool design.

    2) Apple iPad Air

    Apple have done it again with tablet computing. They have defined a niche just as they did with the iPhone and iPod. This latest version weighs under half a kilo and is only 7.5mm thick.

    3) Rhino Shield

    Protecting our new shiny gadgets is no longer required to be a mastered art, thanks to Rhino Shield. A high impact resistant protector for mobile devices, with 6 layers of polymer film combined into one thin, clear, screen protector, that is not only shatter proof but scratch and finger print resistant too.


    4) Samsung Galaxy S4

    While the iPhone gets the design plaudits,  the Galaxy S4 will probably outsell it. Gesture recognition and control are among the new features that are grabbing attention. Buy your Samsung Galaxy S4 on GAbusiness here.

    5) Sony PlayStation 4


    The new PlayStation is due for releases on November 29 but some retailers are already closing their pre-order books, such is the popularity of the new console. Expect to see touchscreen controls and new features to let you record, edit and share your triumphs.

    6) Google Glass

    Although not officially released yet, test versions have been with early adopters since summer. This wearable computer could redefine human computer interaction and allows wearers to search, message, translate and take pictures while on the move.

    7) Sony 4K OLED TV

    The first ultra high definition TV to use Organic LEDs, the Sony 4K OLED TV has a native OLED panel of 3,840 x 2,160 and boasts a 56” screen. Superb image quality and pin-sharp details are guaranteed.


    8) The Pebble watch

    A completely new take on the traditional time piece, these attractive watches have downloadable and customisable faces and tell the time in words. They hook up to your smartphone and warn you of incoming calls and messages.


    9) Nvidia Project Shield

    A new take on portable gaming that connects to your PC to play your favourite games from the sofa. High quality games on the go for the mobile gamer.

    10) GoPro Hero3+Black

    The GoPro Hero3+ is a small but tough camera and camcorder that is designed to be used in the harshest most extreme conditions. Ideal for all the adrenalin junkies out there wanting to capture there latest adventure.




    The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is a small but tough camera and camcorder designed to be used in the harshest of conditions.
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