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    Hardware innovations to look out for in 2014

    2014 Hardware Innovations December 4, 2013 5:11 pm Published by Comments Off on Hardware innovations to look out for in 2014

    2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for office hardware. Various major manufacturers have announced that they plan to release new products, some of which will have the potential to completely reshape the way people do business. Here are a few of the more exciting products that are expected to hit the market next year.

    1) Lower cost high quality 3D printers

    Mojo 3D Printer

    Mojo 3D Printer

    Hewlett-Packard recently caused a stir with their announcement that they intend to launch their own 3D printer by the middle of 2014. This will apparently be based around a new technology. Whether this will make much of an impact on the market remains to be seen, but there are other reasons to be hopeful that high quality 3D printers will come within reach of more people.

    Next year the patents covering the laser sintering process used for the best, most expensive 3D printers expire. This should rapidly lead to cheaper laser sintering based 3D printers entering the market, allowing the promise of companies being able to rapidly produce their own prototypes and even final products to finally become a reality.

    2) A leap forward in PC memory and storage speeds

    Intel's Broadwell CPU

    Intel’s Broadwell CPU

    Next year should see the launch of Intel’s Broadwell CPU. This is expected to include support for the new generation of RAM, DDR4. DDR4 allows much faster access speeds than current generation DDR3 memory. It also operates at a lower voltage helping to cut costs for servers.

    At the same time the emergence of SATA Express interfaces should allow ultra fast solid state drives to operate at their full potential. The new interface has been delivering transfer speeds of 1.4 Gb/s. This is far in excess of anything that a mechanical hard drive can achieve.

    3) New products from Apple

    Artist impression of the Apple iWatch. Source:

    Apple are being coy about exactly what form their new products will take, but they have announced that they will be entering into a new product area in 2014. There is much speculation that this will be a new iWatch intended to compete with existing smartwatch products from Samsung and Pebble. If this takes off in the same way that the iPhone did then IT managers could have another device to worry about as part of the BYOD trend. At least with a smartwatch it’s more difficult to lose or have stolen.


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