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    Gift Ideas For Gadget Lovers

    November 25, 2013 3:00 pm Published by Comments Off on Gift Ideas For Gadget Lovers

    The Christmas season has just started and no doubt it’s a joyful time – until we start thinking about what to buy for everyone. The problem is more complicated if you need to shower a gadget lover with gifts, and you have no idea what to buy. How many times did you hear your offspring complain that the quality of the video stream is shocking, or your boyfriend complain that there’s not enough hard disk space to back up the precious pictures of your kitten? Or maybe you are a gadget lover yourself who prefers to just get a cheque from Santa and search for the latest high-tech devices all by yourself? Well, the search is over!


    Belkin Play N750 DB

    For the frustrated teenagers complaining about poor video streaming there is a solution: Belkin Play N750 DB. It’s the complicated name of a not so complicated to use device: a sleek looking MultiBeam antenna which minimises dead spots for streaming video and connects to multiple computers or devices for file sharing. Your offspring might argue that this might compromise the network speed, but the truth is that its 4 gigabit ports let you connect with an ultra-fast network.


    Apple AirPort Time Capsule

    For the boyfriend we have a new hassle-free backup solution which can store all the kitten’s pictures and all pictures of new kittens to come in your lifetime on Apple AirPort Time Capsule (2TB or 3TB hard drive). There are no cables, as it’s a fully featured Wi-Fi base station with the latest technology and simultaneous dual-band support. Your boyfriend will be able to back up all the Mac computers in your home to a central location — automatically, wireless, and in the background. So no more excuses as Apple AirPort Time Capsule works faster, farther, and with more power than ever.


    Apple iPod Nano

    How can we surprise you, gadget lover? Who would think that the iPod Nano could get even thinner? Well, it just did. The Apple iPod Nano 16GB is a size of a credit card (5.4mm thin) with nearly twice as big a display. But wait, it gets better: iPod Nano has Bluetooth 4.0 built in, so no more annoying wires in the way when you enjoy your music, TV programmes or podcasts. Yes; you can watch your favourite TV programmes, Hollywood blockbusters, free video podcasts and home videos on your iPod Nano. Sounds genius, doesn’t it? No wonder: it has Genius inside. Let’s say you like a song that puts you in a good mood and you would like to stay in this frame of mind. You can then simply tap the Genius search function and it will find songs on your iPod Nano that go well together and put them into a Genius playlist for you. How great is that?

     With all this information, shopping for gadget lovers has just become a piece of Christmas cake!  Whether you are the parent or partner of a gadget lover or a gadget lover yourself, free yourself from the burden of finding gift ideas and visit for more great gifts.

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